Monday, September 29, 2014

Candy Corn Decorative Bottles

Mom Among Chaos

The Mom Among Chaos girls love doing crafts.  They don't always turn out the way we expected, but it's always fun to try.  A year after getting the idea from pinterest, we finally got around to making these candy corn bottles.  Yep, we had a nice girl's day creating them.  

Here's what you will need:
  • Glass bottles. You can use any kind.  We used wine bottles, beer bottles, and milk bottles. The more different sizes and shapes you use, the cooler it looks.
  • Spray paint.  Make sure you get the kind that can be used on glass.  You will need three colors, white, orange, and yellow.  Stay away from neon orange.  I used it on these and it was a little too bright. *Discount tip: Meijer sells white spray paint for only $1.  
  • Newspaper
  • A well ventilated area.

First of all, make sure you clean your bottles and remove any labels.  Clear bottles work better than dark bottles because you use less white paint to coat them.  After your bottles are clean and dry, head outside with your newspaper and white spray paint.  Coat all of the bottles with the white paint.  You may need multiple layers.  Don't spray so much, like I did, where the paint actually drips.

Once the paint is not tacky when you touch it you can add your second color.  Apply orange to the middle of the bottle leaving the top white.  Allow to dry.

Finally, spray the bottom yellow.  I would allow everything to dry overnight.

Our finished bottles

There are so many cute ways to decorate your candy corn bottles.  You can use them as a centerpiece display, to decorate your porch, as vases to hold flowers, candle holders, the list goes on and on.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

$50 Door to Door Organics Giveaway

Door to Door Organics Giveaway

Door to Door Organics Graphic

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  Eating well has never been easier with Door to Door Organics delivering farm fresh food right to your front door. When Door to Door Organics first started they were delivering fruits and vegetables but much has changed since they first started operating. Now you can order grocery items to add to your produce deliveries. Delivery is based on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule but if you are free to skip a delivery at anytime. There are no penalties for doing so.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Children’s Theatre of Michigan presents Boogah & Hoogah's House

Children’s Theatre of Michigan to Bring Beloved Goblins to Local Theatres with Performances of “Boogah & Hoogah’s House” for Halloween. 
Also, Announcing 2015 Productions.

Just in time for Halloween, little monsters of all ages can enjoy the antics of two favorite local goblins, Boogah and Hoogah, in “Boogah and Hoogah’s House” presented by Children’s Theatre of Michigan. The touring production, which is in its premiere season, will for the first time tell the story of how Boogah and Hoogah (who, with their monster pals, have been entertaining children for nearly three decades) met and became friends.

“We call this production a sing-along do-along,” said m’Archibald McCarty, artistic director for the Children’s Theatre of Michigan. “The audience is invited to help Boogah and Hoogah, our two goofy goblins, discover the hows and whys of getting along with each other in this musical celebration of friendship, sharing and home.”

Scheduled public performances of “Boogah & Hoogah’s House” include:

· Sunday October 19, 1 p.m.  – Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids
$12 Advance Tickets, $15 General Admission, $44 for a family four-pack

· Saturday October 25, 2 p.m. – Macomb Music Theatre, Mt. Clemens
Tickets are $11 each, $33 for a family four pack

· Sunday November 2, 4 p.m. – Music Hall Center, Detroit 
Tickets are $20 Adults, $10 Children, $30 for a family four-pack

Audience members are encouraged to come in costume.

In addition to “Boogah & Hoogah’s House,” Children’s Theatre of Michigan has a full season of original written, produced and directed main stage touring shows planned for 2015:
·         Spring 2015: “Fairweather Meadow Tales” – A comical account of the origins of colored eggs, peeping marshmallows and chocolate bunnies.
·         Summer 2015: “Arabesque Isle” – A motley band of pirates and a graceful gaggle of ballerinas run aground on opposite shores of a deserted tropical island.
·         Autumn 2015: “Boogah and Hoogah’s Haunted House Party” – Those goofy goblins and their little monster pals return with a brand new silly, spooky celebration of tricks, treats and fun.
·         Winter 2015: “There’s a Party at Fezziwigs’s” –  A medley of enchanted and enchanting midwinter yarns lightly inspired by Dickens.

The organization also performs a number of original onsite educational assemblies and productions aimed at preschool and elementary-aged students. Please visit their website for a complete list of original productions and their descriptions.

About Children’s Theatre of Michigan
Janet Marie and m’Archibald McCarty performed their first musical-story-theatre show, Imagine That!, in the living room of some dear family friends. 25 years later, the team has grown into what is now known as Children’s Theatre of Michigan. The cast and crew specialize in family focused performances for children from birth to age 10, and tour venues ranging from elementary schools, libraries, malls, theaters, shopping centers and festivals throughout Michigan and beyond. The aim is to amuse, engage and entertain their young audiences while delivering meaningful messages about various elements of life.  For more information, as well as a complete list of their original main stage productions and educational assemblies, please visit

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Love Cedar Point

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Mom Among Chaos
I grew up going to Cedar Point.  We went on a regular basis with our school and as a family.  I have so many fond memories with my friends there, from Junior High and High School.  Sadly, I hadn't been to Cedar Point for a good 10 years.  Life got in the way, with raising my kids and just being so busy.  So, when I saw that #bloggycon14 was going to be at Cedar Point I was really excited.

Cedar Point was so generous to me and my family.  We received three days admission tickets for the whole family and free parking.  I was totally pumped to be staying on a Cedar Point property.  We stayed at Hotel Breakers.  It was nice because when I was tired or when one of the girls were ready to go to bed it was a short walk back to our hotel room.  Also, staying at Hotel Breakers got us early entry into the park and we were able to walk right on some of the top rides.  You see, Cedar Point is cool like that.  Each day an hour before the park opens they choose a few top rides and allow you early entry.  So, if you are staying at one of the hotels you don't need a fast lane pass since you can take advantage of early entry.

I was slightly worried that my girls would get bored and not be able to ride that much.  Boy, I was wrong. As a matter of fact Cedar Point totally kicked Universal Studios butt.  I have one daughter that is 8 and the other is 11.  My youngest had a blast driving the cars, spending time at Planet Snoopy, and she fell in love with her first roller coaster.  Yes, Cedar Point will cause that.  A love for roller coasters.

Mom Among Chaos

I hate to admit this but I spent far more time enjoying my family and friends than I did at #bloggycon14.  It truly did make me realize that Cedar Point is a wonderful place for family time.  It gets you all together, talking, and making great memories.

One of my favorite questions to ask everyone is, what is their favorite ride.  So, if you have never had the chance to experience our favorites I'm going to include the YouTube videos.

This year I have a new favorite coaster.  Yes, the Raptor has been replaced by a similar, smoother, hip coaster.  It is called the Gatekeeper.  It feels like you are beautifully flying through the air. 

My husband has the same favorite as previous years.  His favorite is the Millennium Force.  I enjoy it too, but I find the Magnum to still be scarier.  Will you take a little ride with us?


My oldest daughter really impressed me with her willingness to try so many rides.  I would have been terrified at her age.  Her favorite coaster is the Gemini.  I think she rode it a half dozen times.  By her 5th ride she was in the front cart with her hands held high in the air.  Go Faith!


My little one Keira totally rocked riding her first two coasters. She fell in love with the Iron Dragon, so I stuck her on the Blue Streak and it totally flipped her out.  Her one and only coaster love is the Iron Dragon.  She loved all the twists and turns. 


So take a weekend for some family time.  Cedar Point is open weekends through November 1st.  The Halloweekends are so much fun.  I also discovered that it was less busy on Sunday.  For everything you could pretty much walk on and the weather was perfect that day.  You will have a great time.  I know we did.  Thank you so much Cedar Point!  You have been in my heart for so many years.

Tell Mom Among Chaos your favorite ride or a Cedar Point memory.  We would love to hear about it!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

With Circle K Enjoy a #mymikesmoment Today

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. 
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#mymikesmoment #sponsored #MC

This September, mike’s hard lemonade is helping you treat yourself and do good at the same time. 

When you “drink pink,” you have a chance to savor a moment for yourself and, at the same time, also raise awareness for breast cancer research. Since 2009, mike’s hard lemonade has released its seasonal pink lemonade flavor each year in support of breast cancer awareness and has contributed more than $1 million to breast cancer research.

As a mom who is on the go all of the time, Circle K is an easy stop. You can grab the kids a snack after school, pick up something to bring to a party, get a drink for a mom's night in, etc. 
While you are there don’t forget to treat yourself by picking up a mike’s hard pink lemonade to relax and enjoy your own #mymikesmoment.

A couple weeks ago Crystal & I planned a crafting and movie day while the kids were in school. I went to our local Circle K in Eastpointe, MI to check it out. While I was there I gathered up some snacks and drinks. I was surprised at the large selection and variety of drinks, snacks, and even gift items that they carry. In addition to buying mike's hard lemonade I also bought a Ty Beanie Boos Chihuahua, a Circle K pink camo designed refillable coffee cup, two Starbucks iced coffee drinks, two glass bottles of Mountain Dew for my husband, and Crystal's favorite hot fries.

Since they were sold out of the hard pink lemonade, I bought the harder mango lemonade and hard cranberry lemonade flavors for us to sample instead. We both enjoyed drinking them with our lunch and movie. In my opinion the mango flavor was better than the cranberry. I'm looking forward to trying the pink lemonade flavor before it is out of season. I would like to try this recipe I saw today. You mix mike's hard lemonade, instead of champagne, with orange juice for a yummy mimosa.

photo: mike's hard lemonade
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., best recognized for its iconic mike’s® hard lemonade, is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary. mike’s uses real lemons – the whole lemon, including both the juice and the zest – to flavor its beverages resulting in the crispest, most refreshing taste around. mike’s hard pink lemonade starts out with crisp, bright citrus notes and finishes tart and refreshing.

mike’s hard pink lemonade is a limited edition, seasonal flavor that’s on shelves now and available only until October.

Find out more about Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Flawed is Beautiful

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Today, I was scanning Pinterest and came across a pin of super models from 1994.  Guess what?  They looked normal.  Yes, normal.

They aren't super skinny, but they are healthy.  Oh wait, look they aren't perfect.  Isn't that refreshing?  This pleased me so much and made me think about how much our society has changed in the last 20 years.  Everything is photo shopped to perfection.  Heck, I have a photo shop application that I use.  Looking at these beautiful women's bodies makes me feel normal.  I have had two kids.  Both of which were big babies.  My skin has been stretched but I keep working out and watching my calories.  Guess what?  I'm darn proud of myself.  Yes, I have stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin.  What woman doesn't?  A photo shop picture doesn't.

Photo: beyonce/Instagram
You will never see any of the celebrities looking like normal human beings in magazines.  Beyonce photo shopped in a thigh gap because she didn't have one.  Guess what?  I don't have one. I would epically fail the pencil test.  Do I care?  No, not really.

What are we teaching our kids?  We are teaching them that they need to be flawless instead of teaching them to love who they are.  Have I had plastic surgery?  Yes, I have, but I'm not the same person that I was 7 years ago.  Would I do it again? Probably not.  Learning to love yourself is an important lesson.  That doesn't mean that I don't do my best to take care of myself.

Here is my plea to the media.  Help people see reality instead of what they think we want to see.  We all are flawed, inside and out.  Let's just go back to how things were before photo shop came along.  Well, before lots of things, I guess.  When I watch an 80's show and see someone without white teeth I immediately feel the need to give them a pack of crest white strips. Yes, that is so wrong!

We're setting the bar to an unattainable standard for our kids.  We are saying here this isn't perfect so let's use photoshop to make it look perfect.  Why don't we just skip it?  Yes, let's take a stand for our girls.  Let's delete our apps on our computers and our phones.  Let's just be flawed.  Flawed is much more beautiful than perfect!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Get Your Yoga On

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Yoga is hot and happening right now.  It is pretty much for any skill level.  It's great for the mind, spirit, and the body.  I feel the most important thing is to have on comfy clothes so that you are going to feel light and free.  Here are a few recommendations for those looking for #yogawear.

This adorable lotus tank top comes in a few different colors and styles.  It is super soft and has a 5 star rating.  Great for any yoga lover.

My 11 year old daughter loves these yoga pants.  They are form fitting and stylish.  My only recommendation is that if you are not a teeny bopper, like I'm not, then order one or two sizes up.  I ordered her a small and they were a tad big around the waist but perfect on the legs.  I normally wear a 4 or a 6 but I think I would order these for myself in a large or extra large.

So now that you have some comfy yoga attire, it's time to strengthen your mind, body, and soul.  If you are a member of a gym I recommend starting with a very mild yoga class.  Some can be really intense and you can burn 500 plus calories in one session, so start slow and move up.  

If you are like me, I now mostly workout from home. There are many yoga videos on YouTube.  There are some awesome yoga channels.  My favorite is the BeFit channel.  There are tons of popular instructors and videos.

Check it all out and get your body moving!